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Happy Hips & Upper Body Love Series
Myofascial Release + Yin Yoga + Soundbath


September, 14th (Thursday) 

6pm - 8:30pm 


We are inviting you to join us for this 2 1/2 hour Yoga Practice focusing on releasing tightness and creating more space around hips and in the upper body.


Everything in our body is interconnected. We can’t just isolate hips and upper body and think we are only targeting those areas. Main focus of the practice is on hips and upper body, but as hips/hip flexors are so closely linked to the health of the lower back, psoas and other surrounding areas, these are also going to be worked on during the session. We will use therapy balls for Myofascial Release sequences to loosen up tightness in the areas that affect the health of the hips and upper back.


Upper body isn’t just chest and shoulders; neck muscles play a huge role in the health of our upper body. Relaxation also plays a massive role in de-stressing the body and the less stressed we are the less tensed up our upper body is. 


Although the focus is on hips and upper body, you will hopefully leave the venue feeling that you have just had a full body TLC.


The session is a combination of longer held postures, deep stretches and Yin Holds. The practice will finish with a delicious Soundbath introducing our new addition: Koshi Chimes!


Everything we are going to practice in the session is accessible for everyone and we always have props to make the postures more accessible 

Therapy balls and yoga straps are available for the practice, but you are more than welcome to bring your own ones.


It is a small group session and bookings are essential. 


Your investment for 2 1/2 hour practice is £27.99

***option to join on Zoom***


Please get in touch with us if you have any questions and we are looking forward to welcoming you on the mat!

***The sessions are non refundable but can be sold or gifted to a friend***

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