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January, 28th

9:30am - 2pm


*NEW* VISION BOARD CREATION including the Supplies

Welcome to the 'Manifesting YOUR Best Year' Vision Board, Yoga & Mindfulness Mini Retreat - a 4 hour 'treat' of self care and visualisation!

ILLUMINATE is a practice of gratitude and surrender, kindness to yourself and the world around us. The practice offers a great opportunity to reflect on the month of January  - a very challenging time for many, and set goals and intentions for the year ahead!

Vision Board Creation is a brand new addition to our Mini Retreats! I am a big fan of Vision Boards! A vision board is a visual representation of a person's goals and dreams. It is used to help focus and motivate, as well as to provide inspiration and guidance. A vision board can include pictures, words, and symbols to represent the things a person wants to achieve or manifest in their life. It serves as a reminder of what it is that a person wants to accomplish, and can help keep them on track with their goals.

During our time together we will create a vision board that represents your dreams and aspirations for a year or more ahead. We will provide you with:

 - A canvas

 - Cut outs from magazines

 - Stationery & crafts

 - Pictures/images

 - Quotes

 We do encourage you to bring your own pictures, cuttings etc if you know exactly what you want to see on your board. Alternatively you can use our supplies and if you'd like to add something after the retreat - leave some space and finish it at home.

The session will begin with pranayama and grounding meditation, allowing you to centre and focus your attention and set intentions for the practice. We will spend some time on journaling to jot down the goals, intentions and aspirations that will help you with the creation of your Vision Board.


  • The first Yoga practice of the day will take us through a series of yoga flows, incorporating fluid movements and gentle transitions. You will be guided through a sequence that emphasises grace, intuition, and adaptability. This practice will be suitable for all levels, with variations provided to accommodate different needs and abilities. The practice is inviting you to release any stagnant energy, set intentions, and welcome positive transformation. The session will end with some Yin Holds, allowing you to integrate the energy and find deep relaxation.

  • After a delicious homemade brunch we will proceed with a Vision Board creation

  • The Mini Retreat will conclude with a nourishing Soundbath. The soothing sounds of the crystal bowls and chimes calm the mind helping you to visualise your goals and connect to them on a deeper level. The combination of Soundbath and Vision Board can deepen the manifestation process and strengthen the connection between your intentions and the subconscious mind


Schedule for the Day


🔸9:30am - 10:15am - Introduction, Pranayama, Guided Meditation & Journaling


🔸10:15am - 11:30am - Slow Flow Yoga Practice 


🔸11:30am - 12pm - Brunch


🔸12pm - 1:30pm  - Vision Board Creation

🔸1:30pm - 2pm - Ground & Reflect Soundbath Journey


The times are approximate, but we are always aiming at staying within 5-10 minute frame of the scheduled times. 

  • Small group practice of maximum of 8 people 


  • A welcome gift


  • Delicious homemade lunch is included into the price (please message me if you have any special dietary requirements)


      Your Investment is £60 

(Vision Board Supplies, Brunch and a Small Gift Included)

If you would like to split the payment, a deposit of £25 is required to secure the space and the remaining £35 are to be paid before the 21st of January

***The session is non refundable, but can be sold or gifted to a friend. If we manage to fill up your space full refund will be issued***

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