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Love Your Spine 4 Week PILATES Course



This is a 4 Week Course focusing on the health of your spine with other areas of the body not being left neglected, but the main focus will be on the Spine Health 


Each session we will look closely at one of the 3 areas of the spine (lumbar and sacral will be looked at as one area, thoracic and cervical) and the 4th session will be a summary of the first three practices.


Myofascial Release, breathwork and some yoga elements might be introduced into the sessions to give your spine a little bit more TLC


There are no promises that your spine issues will be cured, but we will try to find the stretches, movements and releases that might help you deal with the symptoms and will hopefully find something that can alleviate the pain or discomfort.


I am in the process of completing an in depth ‘Spine:Anatomy, Dysfunction, & Application’ Teacher Training. I have last couple of modules to do and that’s me done. 


I thought that running this course will benefit both: the students and the teacher. It will give me a chance to apply the knowledge from the course on you, and it will benefit you from receiving that information. Combining that with the knowledge from my 2 Myofascial Release trainings, 16 years of teaching Pilates and 8 years of yoga I hope we can make some magic happen!


The course is run as a SMALL GROUP session  for a more personal approach. 


  • Personalised feedback 

  • Assessment 

  • Set of personalised exercises


The course will be run on Thursday 6-7:15pm in Dingwall (or Culbokie) in person and through Zoom so if you miss a session a recording will be sent to you. 


It will also be available as an online program after we run an in person course. Running the in person course will give me some real life feedback on what to pick and choose for the online program!


Your investment is £60 for a 4 Week Course including an individual Personalised feedback, Assessment of your spine and a suggested list of exercises for your spine. 


We will work as a group on a Thursday, and you will work in your own time during the week and report back to me with your progress. 


This isn’t a weekly class, it is a 4 week course to help you understand your spine better and to learn what you can do to feel better.


I am as invested in your success as you are and will do everything possible to help you see the changes, but you’ll need to put in some work as well!


To enquire or to join the course please message me or book your space!


Pilates Ball
Head Block

Resistance Band
Loop Band
Mat Spray
Tote Bag


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