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The melts are made using all natural ingredients with the exception of a tiny bit of colouring added to the product to make them prettier. We also use fragranced Sandalwood oil only because using pure one would make the melts quite pricey. We might use other fragranced oils to introduce some new scents (all the fragranced oils have essential oils as their base).  


Fragranced OIls:


 - Sandalwood,

 - Lychee & Peony,

 - Good Morning World,

 - Bergamot, Orange, Patchouli & Jasmine 


Unlike many melts on the market, we are aiming at using mostly pure ethically sourced essential oils and bespoke Essentially You blends for our melts. 

If you would like us to make you bespoke Essentially You wax melts using the essential oils of your choice please get in touch with us!

If you would like us to make you wax melts with no colouring and no fragranced oils added to them please let us know and we will make it happen!


Pick your scent or message us with your preferred selection if youd like a selection of scents


To send us a message please select 'Your Choice', then go to checkout and there will a box at the bottom where you can leave us a note/message

A Box of 4 Medium Wax Melts with Essential Oils

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