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You are purchasing a series of 7 Pilates Sessions themed around using a small soft ball. I have added a bit of a creative take on these Pilates sessions to make them different, diverse and challenging. The sessions included into this series are:

- Intro into Posture, Breath, Alignment 

- Core Strengthening Session

- Hips Strengthening Session

- Arms Strengthening Session

- Sides Strengthening Session

- Glutes Strengthening Session

- Spine Strengthening Session

Previous Pilates experience is not required, but you might want to go over the pilates posture, alignment, principals, and breath before you start. This additional session is added to this series of Pilates exercises as well to all the future ones.


***Free Zoom Pilates Session with the purchase of this series*** Message us to check the current timetable of classes


The sessions are 20-30 minutes long and you can do them in your own time. 

CREATIVE PILATES with a Small Ball

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