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In this NEW Pilates & Yoga Saturday block we will be stripping everything down and building it back up from breath, posture and alignment to breaking down movements and spending a bit more time on creating new patterns and pathways for you to become more aware of what is happening to the body and why. Less is more as they say!


The sessions are suitable for literally everyone from those already practicing Yoga & Pilates to all the newcomers to these activities. 

These classes are interchangeable with group Wednesday sessions or Zoom Classes, so if you aren't able to attend a session you can always jump into one of those.

You will need a mat, but if you don't have one you can always borrow one of ours. We do provide the equipment for the session but if you'd like to have your own kit you can purchase one of our Yoga or Pilates Starter Bundles (see above)

The sessions start on November the 5th (Saturday) and taking it right up to a pre Christmas week.

The sessions are run as a 6 week block with 7 weeks to use up your credits. PAYG is available at £10 per session.


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