Introducing a mini Box of Melts. The box will be sent to you every month containing 10 wax melts + a little smelly surprise.

The melts you receive in a box will differ in scent and shape from month to month.


Please visit our Wax Melts page to read on our melts!

Your investment is £7.99 including FREE Delivery 


How Does It Work:

  • Once you subscribe - your Box will be dispatched on the 10th of Every Month

  • You can sign up any time! 

  • Postage is FREE & we aim to deliver by the 11th or 12th of each month

  • You can unsubscribe any time, providing you are giving us a 15 days notice. 

  • Once you receive your box -  open it & enjoy the melts!

Subscription Wax Melts Biox

Price Options
Wax Melts Box
£7.99monthly/ auto-renew