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Wild Lotus Mala Range


Welcome to our new range of Mala Bracelets! Most of them are 54 Bead Wrap Malas but we also have some 108 Malas. If you would like to order a bespoke Mala Bracelet or a 108 Bead Fixed Mala please get in touch with me. These can be purchased as a separate Mala or a part of a mini Self Care Box. All the Malas are handmade using gemstones, silver beads and antique silver plated wild lotus charms.



This can be a perfect Mother's Day Gift or a gift of self care for yourself or your loved ones

  • 54 Bead Mala Bracelet (of your choice)

  • 5ml Essentially You Roller (blend of your choice)

  • Large 3D Sandalwood Wax Melt

  • Positive Affirmation Card

The Box is £33 including postage


54 Bead Faceted Rhodonite Mala Bracelet  



Like many rose-red and pink stones, Rhodonite is deeply connected to the heart chakra promoting love & self love. It stimulates, clears and activates the heart. It is a stone of compassion and emotional balance. 

The Mala Bracelet is £27 including postage

Green Fire Agate 54 Bead Mala Bracelet


Fire Agate brings strong grounding energy. Green colour is a colour of awakening, renewal, balance and new beginnings. It is also a stone of protection, security and trust. It promotes self-acceptance and confidence, encouraging the speaking of one’s own truth. Connected to the Heart Chakra, it helps to overcome negativity, bitterness, trauma of the heart. It is an anger healing stone, fostering love and compassion.

The Mala Bracelet is £27 including postage

Multicoloured Agate 54 Bead Mala Bracelet


​This Mala Bracelet is a combination of various colours of agate gemstones. Here are some of Agate properties:

  • Abundance

  • Wealth

  • Balance

  • Protection

  • Environmentalist

  • Safety at sea

  • Love and Security

  • Courage and Strength

The various colours mean that Agate can have a wide range of emotional and physical influences, but generally it is a soothing and calming gemstone which can relieve tension and anger. It improves concentration, memory, your awareness of your surroundings and rational thought – your whole mental health in fact.

The Mala Bracelet is £27 including postage

Rose Quartz &
Cherry Blossom Jasper 54 Bead Mala Bracelet


Rose Quartz is known for its ability to heal heartbreak, attract new love & open your heart to new levels of forgiveness, compassion, and LOVE. 

Cherry Blossom Jasper  is a stone of protection, peace of mind and grounding. 

Both stones are pink and associate with the colour of the fourth chakra. Wear the Mala while meditating, practicing yoga or at any point of the day when you need to bring in that energy to your body and mind.

The Mala Bracelet is £27 including postage

White Howlite & White Agate 54 Bead Mala Bracelet


This Mala with its peaceful, calm pure colours is perfect for those who needs a bit of calm, stillness of the mind and connection to the top chakras.

White Howlite is known for its calming qualities, as well as for help with insomnia, overactive mind and strengthening of the memory. Howlite helps with reducing stress and anger levels and absorbs negative energy.

The Mala Bracelet is £27 including postage

Black Obsidian & Black Lava Rock 54 Bead Mala Bracelet


◼️BLACK LAVA ROCK is well known as a protecting, grounding stone that balances the emotions and brings calmness and tranquility to the body & mind

◼️Obsidian - a valuable stone for emotional souls and empaths wrapping an impenetrable shield around you. Protection, grounding, energy shielding, decision making are other qualities of this stone.

The Mala Bracelet is £27 including postage

Moonstone 108 Bead Wrap Mala Bracelet

IMG_0244 2.heic

Moonstone is a beautiful pure moon energy stone that is believed to help with insomnia, calming the mind, helping with emotional balance and reducing anxiety. It is also a known fertility stone.

The Mala Bracelet is £27 including postage

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