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Winter Self Care Practice

***NEW*** Seasonal Self Care Practices


January, 22nd


Dingwall (+Zoom)

These Practices are introduced as a guideline or help with navigating through the seasons in accordance with the time of the year. Some seasons are calling for movement, some are more inward and restful ones. Each season needs to be approached differently to rip more benefits for our body and mind. 


Practice 1: WINTER 


  • Yin Yoga, 

  • Mindfulness, 

  • Recipes, 

  • Discussion on lifestyle, diet, 

  • Attunement to the season 

  • Learning to mindfully support our mind and body during cold winter months.


The session will start with a guided meditation and breathwork. An hour will be spent on the Yin Yoga Practice focusing on the Winter Season and Kidney and Urinary Bladder Meridians - the winter meridians. The Yin Practice will be accompanied by Crystal Bowls to enhance the experience.


The practice will conclude with the discussion on the daily seasonal practices  and an offering of winter warming teas and seasonal snacks.


The session can be attended in person or through Zoom. All the Zoom attendees will receive a Winter Warming Kit to go with their Practices.


The session can be attended 





If you would like to join us for a 5 week Winter YIN Yoga Block commencing on the 16th of January on Zoom (8-9pm) - both the Practice and the 5 Week Yin Block can be purchased at £50


(All the sessions are recorded and if you aren’t able to join us in the night these will be sent to you after the practice)


What are Meridians? Meridians are the channels where Qi or the basic life force of the body flows. There are 12 main meridians in the body that work in pairs: one Yin & one Yang. All the Yin meridians run along the front of the body and the Yang ones run along the back of the body. 


Every yin yoga pose usually affects a few meridians, but the poses can be combined into a sequence emphasising one or two meridians. 


The Kidney (Yin) and Bladder (Yang) meridians are related to the winter and focusing on the health of these meridians can help you navigate through the season.


The Practice will also be very beneficial for everyone going through PERIMENOPAUSE. Kidney Meridian Yin Practice and all the hip openers and mindfulness are believed to help with going through Perimenopause. 


Simple seasonal practices are a beautiful way to introduce more intention and wellness into your life.


I’m very much looking forward to sharing this experience with you!

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