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Rosemarkie Beach Yoga & Swim Mornings are back!!! It is by far my most favourite event  - the feeling of freedom and peace combined with invigorating zest for life, adventures and abundance of happy vibes in the company of like minded mermaids and mermen  - best start to a day and it fuels you up for the rest of the week!!


Last year we had 6 very successful and body and soul nourishing gatherings and I hope we are going to be as lucky with the weather this year!  


We are inviting you to join us for a 60 minute Yoga Practice at Rosemarkie Beach followed by swim and sauna. The morning starts with a flowing Yoga Practice outside and followed by swim and sauna. The sauna will be with us for 2 hours so plenty of time for everyone to use it!

Here’s a list of things I would suggest you bring with you:


  • A yoga mat or two (or something to use as an under mat), because the practice will be on grass or beach (I’m more inclined to do it on grass). There’s also a tennis court there so if the weather is good we can use it for a yoga practice.


  • Yoga props if you need them


  • A flask if you have one to keep your beverages hot for a bit longer.


  • A couple of towels (one for drying yourself with, one to sit on in a sauna); swim shoes and something warm for after the swim And obviously a swimsuit unless you are into skinny dipping 🤣


I’ll verbally screen you before we start, and I’ll be insured to take the yoga session, but I’m not a swim coach so swimming is completely at your own risk. There will be a few stronger swimmers there to guide you.


A word of caution: please do come out of water if you feel it’s getting too cold for you and please come out of the sauna if it is too hot.


If you would like to bring your own snacks - feel free to do so. I'll have some flapjacks or similar that you are welcome to sample!

Your Investment is £25 for Yoga, Swim & Sauna Session. Those joining in just for Yoga and Swim - £15

The session is strictly non refundable, but can be gifted to a friend. Refunds can only be issued if ALL the spaces are filled

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