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Autumn is the time of reflection, going inwards and letting go of what is no longer serving us. We are slowly coming up to the culmination of the year and these last couple of months before we hit new year are quite emotional, intense and reflective. Mindful practices and self reflection should be dominating our lives at this time of the year helping us to make sense of what it is we want to take with us into a new year and what needs to be left behind.


The main focus is on the Lung and Large Intestine Meridians and Autumn element is Metal 


The autumn meridians are LUNG & LARGE INTESTINE 


Element: Metal

Season: Autumn

Chakra: Heart Chakra (Anahata)

Colour: White


Lung is a YIN organ and Large Intestine is a YANG organ.


Anatomically Lungs and Large Intestine are not connected, but they share the energetic characteristics.  Right Lung has 3 lobes, left - 2. Large intestine is 5 feet long and stores and eliminates waste as well as extracts and absorbs water. A build up of too much waste in the intestine can lead to constipation, headaches, bad acne, diarrhoea etc.


According to the Chinese Meridian Theory (CMT) lungs are the first organs to absorb the chi (energy) from the outside and assimilate it with chi on the inside moving it to the kidneys. When lung chi is weak it manifests in respiratory problems, colds, sore throats, cardio-vascular imbalances, angina, restrictions in the upper back and thoracic area.


On the emotional level Lung and Large Intestine are linked to courage, reverence, ability to stay in the present experience, forgiveness, acceptance, compassion, gratitude, self love (heart chakra manifestations here). When it is out of balance, it manifests mainly in long term sadness, unresolved grief, lack of forgiveness, depression with anger being turned inwards, emotional heaviness, despair, and bottled up emotions.


On a mental level healthy chi in this organ pair is connected with courage, confidence, ability to deal with difficult situations. When it is out of balance it is associated with poor judgements, muddled thinking and being disconnected from the reality. 


The LUNG MERIDIAN starts in the middle of the body and runs down towards the large intestine, makes an upward turn running through the diaphragm and back up through the lungs, across the clavicle and then runs down the inner arm ending at the tip of the thumb (all via the front of the body being the YIN organ).

The LARGE INTESTINE starts at the tip of the index finger and runs up along the back of the arm towards the shoulder and branches out in through the neck and mouth towards the side of the nose with the 2nd branch running down into the lungs, diaphragm and large intestine. 


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