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~Stretch, Breathe & Release~


The difference between what you THINK you need and what you ACTUALLY need is huge.


We’d like to take you on a Journey (I don’t like the word challenge when it comes to relaxation) of Relaxation and Release both for your body & mind.


You don’t need to do cardio and sweaty workouts 24/7. It is important for the body to hit parasympathetic mode in order to recover and distress


Breathe, Stretch & Release: Yin Yoga & Myofascial Release accompanied by Essential Oils (optional) 


7 Day Journey into a Happier, more Relaxed and Released New You


  • Are you feeling stiff, tight or stressed? 


  • Are you feeling the weight of the whole world on your shoulders? 


  • Are you struggling to find time to relax?


We are inviting you to join us for a 7 day Journey requiring just 10 minutes a day of your time. 


We will combine Breath Work, Myofascial Release techniques and Yin Yoga postures to release tight muscles, help you to distress and to have 10 minutes of ‘you’ time to spend on yourself!


➡️Each session targets Myofascial Release for specific areas of the body 


➡️Maximum 2 Yin postures per session 


You will need:


  • 2 massage balls (tennis balls or doggie balls will be just fine)


  •  yoga blocks or cushions


  • small soft Pilates ball


  • Blankets or any other props


  • Essential Oils of Your Choice to diffuse during the session (optional)


  • Calm Balm for Muscle Relief (optional)


  • 10 minutes of quiet time


The 7 Day Breathe, Stretch & Release Journey is included into Natallia’s Fitness Membership and £7.99 for non members.


  • You can purchase oils separately for the Challenge or use the ones you have at home (optional).


  • Calm Balm for Muscle Relief will be  applied to the areas of the body we are working on after the practice. If you would like to purchase one you can do it here


Are you in?

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