Welcome to the 7 DAY YOGA WARRIOR CHALLENGE - Daily 10 minutes Yoga hybrid workouts with added Intensity & Power. We might use light weights & sliding discs, but you can do these without any props or equipment.


We are adding a modern twist to classical Pilates & Yoga Sessions turning them into hybrid style workouts with the aim to get your heart rate up and muscles burning! Every session will finish with 5 minutes of stretch.


Expect sweat, burn and loads of fun! 


The goal of the Challenge is to get your mindset back on track and to accomplish 10 - 15 minutes of exercise per day - that’s a minimum of 70 + minutes of moving, sweating and stretching in 7 days! 


From day 2 you can combine the workouts into a longer session if you want! 


The sessions are suitable for all levels and fitness levels. You can do them at your pace and modify workouts to your preference. All the Workouts will be accessible from this website, so there is no need to be on social media to join the challenge!


We start on the 11th of January!


Your investment is £4.99 

Are you in? Let's do it!


***The challenge is included into our Monthly & Lockdown memberships***

You can also join us for a FREE PLANK Challenge in Natallia’s Functional Yoga Group on Facebook starting on Monday the 4th of January playing with various versions of planks!


You only need 5 minutes of your day!


Every day I’ll be going Live in the Group at 11am for a 5 minute Fun Planking Challenge - the video will be there for you to do it in your own time! 


Are you in?


Join us here!