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When was the last time you’ve created something personal for yourself or had a bonding time with your kid making something that can remind you both of the time you’ve spent together?


Creative projects serve as a form therapy to quieten the mind or to create a bond between a parent and a child or friends/partners etc.  We always feel so much happier and more content when we complete a project: all these happy hormones floating around our bodies!


We can always think about our creative projects as a gateway to healing something deeper within ourselves, something that lay dormant up until we turn the switch on and these emotions, feelings, unresolved traumas etc come to life and through mindfulness and creativity we can start creating new pathways to happiness and peace within us.


Creative projects have been one of the main contributing factors in my journey from being constantly stressed and anxious to having an (almost) level head these days. I’ve painted pots, I’ve done numerous paintings by numbers, stated working with essential oils, started making beautiful masks and create jewellery amongst my other multiple hobbies.


What we are offering is a DIY gemstone bracelet kit for you to use your creativity and create something that makes you happy choosing the beads, charms etc for your project and putting them together in the order that your creative mind desires! This is something you can definitely do with your child and it’ll make it into a lovely bonding experience between you and the child(ren).


Every box contains enough beads to create 2 bracelets depending on the size and design of them.


What’s in the Box?


  • Affirmations to go with the Crystal Kit of your choice 


  • A selection of 6mm/8mm crystal beads (choices available at the checkout)


  • A selection of charms, spacer beads and other embellishments 


  • A stretchy cord for a stretchy bracelet


  • 0.5mm cord for an adjustable bracelet 


  • 1mm cord for an adjustable bracelet


  • A clear stretchy cord 


  • A cute pouch for your bracelet 


  • A card with the link to a video tutorial on how to make the bracelets and how to set the atmosphere + other tips and hacks on working with beads)

We are offering all of the above for only £12.99 per kit! 

Buy Now

And if that’s not enough… To celebrate the launch of this new venture we are giving you FREE postage on ALL the boxes ordered till the end of June!


What are you waiting for? Get yours now!


Post a picture of your finished creation to social media, tag us and you’ll be entered into a draw to win a SELF  CARE BOX worth £30.  The draw will take place once we have a minimum of 20 beautiful creations on our social media pages!


And because we think you guys are so special, we are going to let you in on a secret.. 




Mala in a Box is coming your way very soon! Keep an eye on the page and it’ll all be revealed very soon!!

Good luck with your creations and can't wait to see them!

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