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We are inviting you to join us on a mini journey of Self Love and Self Discovery


The journey launches shortly and you can start your own journey any time after that and do it at your own pace.


Our lives are so busy that sometimes we struggle to find time and motivation to do something little for just ourselves.


All you need is 15-30 minutes daily for your Yoga and Mindfulness Practice and a few minutes before bed for your night time meditation or yoga Nidra. 


We will be incorporating some Myofascial Techniques to help switch to the parasympathetic (rest and relax) mode, release tight areas in the body and to improve our breathing


Some acupressure points will be introduced into Yoga Practices to help you with sleep, anxiety, down regulation, adrenal glands fatigue etc


What is included?


🌟Mini Self Care Box (Essentially You Roller, Inhaler & a Wax Melt to enhance your experience + Positive Affirmation Cards)


🌟Daily Positive Affirmation 


🌟Daily Mindful or/and Self Discovery Task 




🌟10-15 minutes of Yin & Mindfulness or Gentle Yoga Stretch and Flow


🌟Night time guided meditation or Yoga Nidra


Once you sign up you will be guided through your practices daily. To move to the next day you will need to complete the one before. If it takes you more than a day to go through the tasks and practices of one day, you can always do it over a couple of days or more


Every day will start with a positive affirmation and you will be offered a mindful task to complete that day.


A short gentle yoga session or Yin Yoga & Mindfulness Practice can be done at any time of the day, but if you have a busy hectic life - maybe find 10-15 minutes throughout the day to do it to have some down-regulation time in the midst of a busy day!


Breathwork will be offered to you at the start of every Yin Practce


A short Meditation or Yoga Nidra will be offered before going to bed, but can also be done at any time during the day


You don’t need to be in any social media to start your journey. Once you sign up you’ll be sent a link to the programme and you can work through each day at your own pace. 


There’s a Facebook group for those enrolled into the Practice, but it is an optional extra for those who would like to share their experiences, ask questions, chat or simply be a part of a group. 


I will be available to chat with your through Facebook Group or WhatsApp



Your investment is £19.99 for all 14 Days including Mini Self Care Box

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