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Late Summer Yin


Did you know that Chinese Medicine has 5 seasons? Late summer is the additional short season serving as a transition between active lively Yang seasons of summer and spring and a quieter more inward and more Yin seasons of autumn and winter.


The season of late summer is related to the Earth Element in Chinese Medicine.


In nature, the Earth Season is a time of abundance, time of harvest. For us, it is a signal to slow down and take in the fruits of our labors – the results of our efforts in Spring and Summer.


We still have more weeks of hot weather, but I can already feel the shift towards the earth element.


Late summer is a time of transformation, harvest, and nourishment. This is the time to reintroduce grounding practices and practices involving twists to aid the digestion gently massaging digestive organs. This is the time to reflect, journal and digest instead of taking on too much on. The Earth element thrives when we ‘digest’ rather than doing a speed eating competition. 


Use seasonal foods to nourish your body and do what nourishes you - physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically

and spiritually.


Late summer and the earth element is related to Spleen/Stomach Meridians.


The Spleen is the largest lymphoid organ and responsible for filtering blood. It plays a major part in our immune and lymphatic system. In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is responsible for lifting the energy of the body, specifically to keep the organs in place. It creates a lightness of the mood, which is the easy going attitude of a person.  


When we are deficient in Spleen qi, we can feel sluggish and fatigued, both physically and mentally.  The Spleen is also said to house thought processes, and if we think too much, the Spleen meridian may suffer. Over-thinking (like worrying) leads to Spleen qi deficiency. 

Spleen is a Yin Organ, stomach is a Yang one.

Earth is the element of prosperity, abundance, and growth. It’s where you find your deepest sense of connection to life in balance with all other elements on earth. The energy associated with the Earth element is a grounding energy that comes from being in touch with nature. The colors related to the earth element are yellows and browns, ranging from light pale yellow to deep, dark brown. Some of the Earth element Crystals are Tiger Eye, Citrine, Agate, Black Obsidian, Jade,  Citrine, Yellow Jasper, Amber, Garnet, Black Tourmaline and many others.


You can use crystals and essential oils to enhance your Earth Yin Journey. Some of the oils that help us to ground and reconnect with our Earth self are:


  • Ho Leaf

  • Frankincense 

  • Cedarwood

  • Geranium

  • Rosewood

  • Juniper

  • Lavender 


Some of the Essential oils that bring back clarity of thought and ease an overactive mind are lavender, lemon, grapefruit, vetiver, rosewood, chamomile, marjoram.

You are more than welcome to have a look at our selection of blends if you'd like to purchase one for the practice or you can use your own one.


Essential oils that reduce depression and encourage joy are basil, chamomile, clary sage, geranium, jasmine, lavender, patchouli, neroli, rose, melissa, and ylang ylang.

For balancing Earth, we want to connect with nature, walking barefoot, taking time to rediscover ourselves and doing our favourite things. 

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