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Our next 4 week block of YIN YOGA starts on the 

2nd of February 



(on Zoom)

Welcome to the WINTER YIN YOGA Practice 

Embracing the Magic of Winter Through Yin Yoga


Winter is the most YIN time of the year: we slow down, rest & reflect more and naturally tend to go inward. This is the time for rejuvenation of all those depleted in the earlier months reserves so that we can be ready to welcome spring with a spring in our step!

To read more about Winter Yin, meridians and everything else please click here


Your investment is £27 for 4 sessions (you will get the recordings sent to you if you miss a practice)

PAYG is £8 per session (option available at the checkout)

Would you like to add Essential Oils to the Practice?

Introducing essential oils into your practice helps to enhance the benefits of the session! Inhalers and rollers are my favourite at the moment to use during the practice. They create a lovely soothing & grounding atmosphere allowing your mind and body to relax and forget about all your daily hassle and stress. I also use wax melts or diffuse oils during the practice. 


Please visit our Essentially you range of products to choose some to compliment your practice. 


If you would like us to make you a particular meditation/grounding blend with the oils of your choice please let us know.


Eye Pillows can be made on request.

If you would like to join us for an Unlimited Membership and get access to ALL our sessions including Yin Yoga Sessions and Full Online Library of Resources for £27.99 please click here 

If you are a busy bee and with a very inflexible schedule - sign pop for our ON DEMAND LIBRARY for only £10.99 a month and get access to hundreds of recordings!

Sending Love & Loads of Positive Vibes Your Way

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