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Before you read the Policy, please remember that small businesses are still businesses.  We do like to help you, but we also have the bills to pay and kids to feed. 


If you were to order something from a bigger company on a credit or buy a non refundable concert ticket you wouldn’t ask for a refund or wouldn’t refuse the payment for something that has already been made for you. Saying that, we are always more than happy to make exceptions depending on individual circumstances.  Please do not be offended or take it personally if we can’t refund your payment. If it goes against our Terms and Conditions we will still love you and will be very grateful for your interest, but there will be no refunds


Here’s our Refund and Cancellation Policy


1. The Workshops are non refundable unless they have been cancelled by us or we have changed the date/location/time. Please treat it as if you were booking a ticket to see Adele. If you couldn’t make it to a non refundable Adele’s gig - you wouldn’t be expecting a refund, so please ‘Adele’ it next time you book a non refundable session and it’ll save loads of discomfort and friction because we love you all equally, but we also like to eat and have heating 😁 All workshops can be gifted to a friend or anyone wanting to take your space. Exceptions will be made depending on personal circumstances - we are also human and we would try and work out the best way out of the situation 


2. Weekly Classes are run on a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you have booked a session and are unable to make it please do let me know well in advance. Anything within 24 hours of the session will be charged in full. Exceptions will be made depending on personal circumstances 


3. Private Sessions. 24 hour cancellation policy. If you have booked a session with us and unable to attend  please get in touch with us as soon as possible. If you haven’t given us a sensible notice a full payments will be taken for the session. Alternatively we will send you a payment link and if you are a good person you’ll probably pay it, if you don’t think we deserve to be paid on a less that a 24 hour cancellation then we hope you will spend that money on something fulfilling and life changing!


4. All Malas and Oils purchases are final, but if you aren’t happy with a product  (especially Malas as they are very personal) we would fix them for you or make a new one.  If the oils aren’t open and packaging isn’t damaged we are happy to exchange them for alternative blends 


Although this policy might be changed or updated the main message is to please be 

understanding that behind every small

Business there are hours (and years) of experience, learning, investment, sleepless nights and multiple hurdles. What you are paying for isn’t an hour or two hour session, but years (in my case 16 years) of experience and trainings. 


✨Sending loads of gratitude sparkles to all of you!✨

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