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‘Yoga Blocks: Strengthen, Flow & Play’ Mini Challenge



This is a fun, but challenging Yoga Conditioning mini Challenge using Yoga Blocks. We will explore some core Sequences, flow through a few moving Vinyasa based combinations, and use blocks and blankets for longer stretches and relaxation

There are 3 Mini practices in this Challenge and you can try the stacking challenge from this page as well to start you off!

  1. Yoga Blocks. Playful Flow

  2. Yoga Blocks. Quick Core Workout

  3. Yoga Blocks. Arms, Spine & More

Who is it for? The practice is open to everyone who hopefully has yoga blocks or is happy to substitute these with books or similar props! If you are one of those fun loving Yoga and Movement people ready for a new challenge these mini sessions will be right up your street! 


Let’s brighten up your week with some fun and challenging Yoga Practices!


Your investment is £4.99 for the 3 short Practices

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