We are inviting you to join us for a series of weekly Yin Yoga Practices starting on the 22nd of September. 

Yin Practice is meditative, reflective and mindful. Please scroll down to read more about the practice.

The series will consist of the following sessions:


1. Seasonal Yin

2. Yin for Detoxification (liver and gallbladder 

meridians practice)


3. Yin & Restore (focus on relaxation, breath, reflection 

rather than stretch)


4. Full Body Yin

5. Happiness withYIN for (Open Heart (chest openers, Hip Openers and more)


The sessions will be run on Tuesday 8-9pm from Zoom. 


All the sessions are recorded and can be purchased either separately or as a series of 5 practices. If you are signing up for a 5 week block they will be included into your payment (no additional cost)

5 Week Yin Yoga Block