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Self Care Journey to Help the Anxious Mind



We are inviting you to join us for a 14 days Yin & Mindfulness Journey accompanied by Essential Oils. 


Every day starts with a positive affirmation, a mindful task for the day and a daily Breath Practice and a Yin posture.


The oils included into the Self Care Box are there to help you to enhance the healing mindful effects of the breath and mindfulness practice.

UPLIFT roller is there for you to use throughout the day as a pick me up aid to lift the spirits!

You can access the days in your preferred order, but it is advisable to do them day by day as they are released on the website.

Once you purchase the Journey you will get access to the 14 Day Journey and your Self care Box will be in the post the following day.

What's Included into the Box:


 - Affirmation Card


 - Quiet & Calm 30ml spray


 - Peace & Calm 10ml Roller


 - Deep Sleep 5/10 ml Spray


 - Go Within 10ml Bottle


 - Bath Salts

 - 10ml Calm Balm


 - Uplift 5ml Roller 


Your Investment into the package is £35 (including Delivery) 


***If you would like some other blends included into the box we are happy to offer alternatives!***

Breathe Into Stillness Yin & Mindfulness Essentially You 14 Day Journey

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