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January, 29th

February, 26th

March, 26th

9am - 11am - YOGA PRACTICE

Cake and Drinks After

***NEW Format***


From November we are introducing longer 2 Hour Yoga Practices to allow for more time spent on breathwork, relaxation and more in depth approach to the practice itself. Gift yourself a morning of self care starting with a long Yoga workshop followed by teas/coffees, cakes and catching up in a beautiful bay window space of Storehouse overlooking Black Isle! 

Every practice will start with breathwork and meditation and will have a combination of Flow Sequences and Longer Held Yin Style Holds and will conclude with a yummy relaxation 


  • January, 29th - Settling into Stillness 'Yang into Yin Flow' 


  • February, 26th - Inward Gaze (Umpada Drishti) Flow: Experiencing what Yoga feels like rather than what it looks like


  • March, 26th - Lengthen To Twist


Your investment for a 2 Hour Practice + teas/coffees and cake is £27.99

Add a 10ml Essentially You Roller or 30ml Mat or Room Spray (£5 instead of £6)

Please message me if you'd like to add one!

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Storehouse august 2.png

This is an open level Yoga Practice suitable for all levels and abilities. It is a combination of Flows, Breathwork, Stretches and Playful Sequences: a bit of Flow, a touch of Yin and a drop of Mindfulness.

Please bring your mat and any props you'd like to you for the practice.  If you would like to borrow our mats or props please let us know!

Looking forward to welcoming you on the mat!


The session is strictly non refundable, but can be gifted to a friend. Refunds can only be issued if ALL the spaces are filled

Please visit for the directions to the venue and to check out the place!

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