Welcome to our Subscription Boxes

We are very excited to introduce to you our Brand New Offering: Yoga & Essential Oils Self Care Boxes

We would like to take you on a Journey of Self Care & Self Love by offering you a combination of Essential Oils products accompanied by a  7 DayYoga Practice & Hand Blended Tea by Unravel Tea & Crystal Goods from Inverness Crystal Therapy

What makes us different from other boxes?


  • We are adding YOGA & MINDFULNESS Practice to the box 

  • Every Box is a JOURNEY and an EXPERIENCE  - not just a selection of goods

  • We COLLABORATE with other local businesses to help spread the Love of what they offer

  • We are PASSIONATE about our products & have LOVE, GRATITUDE & MAGIC as a foundation of our business

Having successfully run the Essential Oils business for a while, we are new to this Subscription Boxes Market, so we WILL make mistakes, and some things might not run smoothly, but we hope that with our love and passion for the products and your willingness to be open to new experiences we can create something truly magical and bespoke!

Our VISION is to help you create an experience and a self care ritual from the moment you open the box to the moment you use the last drop of the oils.

Every box is created in accordance with a certain theme. Everything that is included into the box is carefully selected to go with the theme of the month. We are including product from other small businesses who we LOVE ( and you will absolutely Love their creations as well)

As we grow more local products will be added to the selection!

What's in the Box:

  • A Positive Affirmation that resonates with the theme of the month

  • A selection of Essentially You Blends to go with the theme of the month (worth £14-£15). The more we grow and expand, the more various products you will see popping up in your boxes!

  •  7 Day Yoga Journey to go with the theme of the month (accessible online & is yours to keep forever!) (worth £9.99)

  • A Crystal Bracelet (or some other Crystal Creation) made by Inverness Crystal therapy to go with the theme of the month (worth £8). Claire, the owner of ICT is a well known local crystal guru and is also a fabulous reiki and energy works therapist. You can find Claire on Facebook and Instagram

  •  Bespoke Hand Blended  Tea from Unravel Tea (worth £2-3). Donna  - the creator - is very passionate about her herbs and offers a wonderful selection of teas. Please do check out her website here.

Our PROMISE is to make this kit worth every penny you spend on it! It is a bargain in a box: you will get a monthly supply of Essentially You blends that you can use on their own or as a part of your Yoga Practice as well as a Self Care Routine. The Crystal bracelet can be worn throughout the practice and beyond it. The tea is a lovely bonus - a chance to have a taste of what tea should be like. 

The idea behind a box is for you to have a few YOU Days a month starting with a lovely Yoga Practice with Essential Oils, wearing your Crystal Bracelet or having your Crystals nearby when you are practicing Yoga, followed by a relaxing bath with Essentially You Bath Salts or Melts and having a lovely cup of tea after the bath! Bliss! 

We are launching our Subscription Boxes in March! March theme is AWAKENING and we are launching just before the Spring Equinox  - time to renew, detox, spring clean your body & mind and awaken your inner goddess!!

We won't be sharing with you what you will get in a box- we would like it to be a nice surprise! The only thing that we will share with you is a 7 Day Yoga Journey for each month

March Yoga Practice 

Day 1  - Awaken Your Breath

Day 2 - Spring Flow

Day 3 - Balance Flow 

Day 4 - Root & Ground 

Day 5 - Spring Detox (Twists)

Day 6 - Stay Open (Chest & Shoulders)

Day 7 - Align

As a special thank you we are adding an extra item to the March Box

How Does It Work:

  • Once you subscribe - your Box will be dispatched on the 10th of Every Month

  • You can sign up any time! 

  • Postage is FREE & we aim to deliver by the 11th or 12th of each month

  • You can unsubscribe any time, providing you are giving us a 15 days notice. 

  • Once you receive your box -  open it, smell the blends and enjoy your Yoga & Essential Oils Journey! 



Your Monthly Subscription is £29.99 (Free Postage)


***We offer 10% off Members of Natallia's Fitness Online Membership Group***

Looking forward to sharing the magic of our boxes with you!

  • We aim to use ethically sourced products. Most (95%) of the packaging is fully recyclable. We are aiming to go 100% by the end of this year.

  • All the products are handmade using natural products with a tiny bit of colour added to the bath melts. Please keep your melts and balms away from direct sunshine and heat. The melts would keep better in a fridge; the balms do not need to be stored in the fridge - they might harden which would make them hard to use.

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