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Welcome to our Seasonal Yoga & Mindfulness Subscription Self Care Boxes

We are very excited to re-introduce to you our Revamped and Upgraded Yoga & Mindfulness Seasonal Self Care Boxes

We would like to take you on a Journey of Self Care & Self Love with the help of a selection of seasonal Essential Oils products, Self Care Gifts and Downloadable Yoga Practices & Meditations

What makes us different from other boxes?


  • We are adding YOGA & MINDFULNESS Practice to the box 

  • Every Box is a JOURNEY and an EXPERIENCE  - not just a selection of goods

  • We try to COLLABORATE with other local businesses to help spread the Love of what they offer

  • We are PASSIONATE about our products & have LOVE, GRATITUDE & MAGIC as a foundation of our business

Having successfully run the Essential Oils business for a while, we are new to this Subscription Boxes Market, so we will make mistakes, and some things might not run smoothly, but we hope that with our love and passion for the products and your willingness to be open to new experiences we can create something truly magical and bespoke!

Our VISION is to help you create an experience and a self care ritual from the moment you open the box to the moment you use the last drop of the oils.

Every box is created in accordance with a certain season of the year. Everything that is included into the box is carefully selected to go with the vibe, mood and the magic of a certain season. For example, you can find a bug spray in your summer box and Pumpkin Spice blends in your Autumn one.

We are including product from other small businesses who we LOVE ( and you will absolutely Love their creations as well)

As we grow more local products will be added to the selection!


What's in the Box:


  •  Downloadable Yoga Sessions (incorporating Essential Oils):


Seasonal ‘Essentially You’ Flow  

Seasonal ‘Essentially You’ Yin Yoga Practice


  • Downloadable Meditation &/or Yoga Nidra


  • A selection of 


 - Essentially You Seasonal Blends

 - Essentially You Rollers

 - Essentially You Sprays

 - Essentially You Inhalers 

 - Essentially You Calm Balm

 - Essentially You Lip Balm

 - Essentially You Bath Salts

 - Essentially You Wax Melts/Candles

 - Seasonal Self Care Surprise Gifts 

 - 7 x Affirmation Cards

 - Specialty Coffee/Tea Samples/Chocolate etc

IMG_2077 3.heic

Our PROMISE is to make this kit worth every penny you spend on it! It is a bargain in a box: you will get a quarterly supply of Essentially You products that you can use on their own or as a part of your Yoga Practice as well as a Self Care Routine.

How Does It Work:

  • Once you subscribe - your Box will be delivered on (or around) the 21st of Every Quarter (June, September, December & March) 

  • You can sign up any Time and the first Box will arrive within a week and then on or around the 21st of every Quarter! 

  • Postage is FREE 

  • You can unsubscribe any time, providing you are giving us a 15 days notice. 

  • Once you receive your box -  open it, smell the blends and enjoy your Yoga & Essential Oils Journey! 



Your Seasonal Subscription is £44.99 (Free Postage)

15% off Yearly Subscription 

£153 (saving you £27)

Seasonal Subscription
(charged every 3 months)
Yearly Subscription (15% off)

Looking forward to sharing the magic of our boxes with you!

  • We aim to use ethically sourced products. Most (95%) of the packaging is fully recyclable. We are aiming to go 100% by the end of this year.

  • All the products are handmade using natural products. There might be some fragranced oils used for wax melts or candles, other than that - it is all natural!

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