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June, 21st (Friday)

5-6pm - Flow Yoga 

6pm onwards - swim and sauna, teas and cakes, fire pit gathering and celebrating Summer Solstice in style!


Join us for the celebrations of the International Yoga Day and Summer Solstice!


What’s Included:


  • Outdoors Yoga

  • Sea Swim

  • Sauna

  • Teas & Cakes & Snacks

  • Fire Pit & Catching Up


Yoga session will be held either on the beach or grassy area. 


Sun salutations and summer flows will keep the bodies lovely and warm in any weather! 


We won’t know what the weather is doing till probably the week of the event, but let’s all manifest a beautiful sunny and warm day! We were so lucky with the weather last summer and had 6 amazing Yoga, Swim & Sauna events!


Teas, cakes and other snacks will be provided, but you are more than welcome to take your beverage of choice (as in hot chocolate or coffee or whatever else you fancy!)


If you are planning on joining us for Yoga and the Gathering (excluding sauna and swim) your investment is £15 for the event


Full package (including sauna and swim) - £25 


Thank you to Highland Sauna for joining us for this event!


If you haven’t tried sea swim - this is your best chance to do that: you can jump straight into the sauna after the dip and enjoy some very welcome heat! Sea swims and sauna combination are the best!


I’m very excited about this and hope to see loads of mermaids and mermen on the 21st of June!

***Please note that due to external expenses of sauna etc, the session is non refundable, but can be sold or gifted to a friend***

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