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 Breathe, Stretch & Roll: Back, Shoulders & Hips TLC


June 12th (Saturday)

10am - 12:30pm




We carry a lot of stress in our upper back and shoulder/chest areas: work, life, injuries, driving and being on electronic devises amongst various other things affect our posture and mental health. Tightness around neck, shoulders and upper back affects the way we breathe and also affects the way we feel both in physiological and emotional levels.


The session is a combination of long held stretches, Myofascial Release and breath work focusing on neck, shoulders, chest and hips release as well as on relaxation. 


All the equipment will be provided (it’ll all be sanitised), but if you have a yoga mat, yoga blocks, therapy balls and a blanket please take them with you 


The session is limited to 6 people


~Your investment is £25 for 2 1/2 hour session~


🍃If you’d like to purchase Essentially You Muscle Rub - it’s £5 for 60ml jar saving you £2. 


Please let me know if you have any questions and I’m very much excited about the session! Boris the skeleton might even dust off his outfit for the occasion 🤣


*The session can be done as a private or small group practice. Please message me if you would like to work on some specific areas or have a full body Myofascial Release Fix*


Breathe, Stretch & Roll: Back, Shoulders & Hips TLC

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