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March, 17th (Sunday)
9:30am - 2pm

We are inviting you to join us for a half day of Yoga and Mindfulness to give yourself a gift of self-care.

I love spring! March is a month of multiple birthdays for us and also the start of Spring as well as a Mother's Day and International Women's Day month - loads to celebrate! This year Easter also falls on the last Sunday in March so it'll be one busy-busy month for us all!


I tend to think of Spring as the start of the year - the time for setting intentions, detoxing body and mind and embracing this vibrant time of the year! The plants and trees and flowers are awaking after a long cold autumn and winter seasons and everything seems so much easier and more positive! 

This is a perfect time for twists and adding more flows to the Yoga Practice! Twists are great for the health of your lower spine as well as for 'twisting out' all the stale and unwanted sleepy energy and replacing it with new, fresh spring vibes! 


***Everyone signed up for the session will receive a Special Spring Self care box worth over £20 filled with self-care tools and products to make your month even more special. I only do these once a year in March so do not miss out on your one!***


This month we are also giving you something extra  - a special gift of self care: a fabulous therapist, reflexologist and a woman of many talents Jane Campbell will be joining us and guiding us through a face reflexology routine after we have a bit of Face Yoga taught by myself. So, ladies... expect to look 10 years younger as you exit the Retreat! 

Click HERE to see Jane's Facebook page and HERE to join Jane on Instagram.

jane .jpeg

Your ‘treats’ for the day: 


  • Guided meditation and Pranayama 


  • Slow Flow Yoga Practice 


  • Yin Yoga & Soundbath ​


  • Myofascial Release 

  • Face Yoga 

  • Face Reflexology with amazing Jane Campbell


  • Special Gift 


  • Delicious Brunch

  • 4 1/2 hours of Self Care

Spring into spring on this half day Yoga mini retreat.  Taking place around the time of the Spring Equinox, also known as the Vernal Equinox, Ostara, or the first day of spring, this is a time to celebrate new life, awakening, fertility, coming out of the winter, and most of all, balance (day and night are equal length). 


The practice will focus on letting go of whatever winter brought for you, detoxing and ‘spring cleaning’ your body and mind of stagnant energy that has been stored over the long, dark and cold winter months.

Winter is almost gone, and our body and mind are craving a good ‘spring clean’. Many of our organs and systems feel depleted at this time of the year and our immune system needs rebooting. Our Yoga Practice will focus on the Yoga asanas, pranayama (breathing) and sequences that focus on squeezing out the toxins (expect twists, chest openers and core stimulating sequences in the first Yoga practice). Therapy balls will be used in a session to release all that stress that has been accumulating in your body over the cold period. 


The poses will be held for longer in the Yin Session and accompanied by Soundbath.



What’s included into your Yoga Morning


  • 9:30am– 11am


 - Guided meditation 


 - Introducing Kapalahbati Breathing (to stimulate the core, clear out the stagnant energy and re energise)


 - Feet MFR (myofascial release) to awaken the feet and to activate all those nerve endings 


 - ‘Embracing Change’ Flowing Vinyasa sequences to create heat and get the body moving pausing for Myofascial Release in between (use of therapy balls is optional)


  • 11am – 12:15pm - Face Yoga followed by Face Reflexology with Jane Campbell 


  • 12:15 -1pm - Brunch and getting to know each other 


  • 1pm - 2pm  - Yin Yoga ‘Letting Go’ Practice to pause, reboot and unwind. Letting go of what no longer serves you throughout this mindful and relaxing Yin Practice & Soundbath 

Early bird price - £57

***After the 11th of March the price will go up to £67***

***As usual, all the wild swimmers - everyone is invited to join us for a swim at Loch Achilty after the session!***

I will bring a selection of essential oil rollers and sprays with me as well as Malas. If we have some time left you can ask me questions about any of those.

This is a small group practice of maximum of 8 people 


Delicious homemade brunch is included into the price (please message me if you have any special dietary requirements)


***The session is non refundable, but can be sold or gifted to a friend. If we manage to fill up your space full refund will be issued***


Looking forward to sharing a few hours of self care with you!



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