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We are excited to introduce you to a selection of our new creations - these are 54 & 108 bead fixed and stretchy Malas as well (tassels can be taken off upon request)


Every Mala corresponds to a certain Chakra (or an energy centre) in colour and intention. Even if the whole concept of Chakras is not resonating with you, think about them as energy centres, and maybe you’ll notice that you are subconsciously drawn to some colours and stones? There might be a reason behind that...

All our Malas are handmade (including the tassels) using gem stones and genuine Sterling Silver


And remember that there are many reasons why someone would buy or make a Mala. It is a very personal thing. Malas can be anything the wearer/owner wants it to be. 


What is Mala? In short it is a string of 108 beads used traditionally for meditation. (Malas can have 27 or 54 beads as well). There’s also a Guru Bead in a form of a larger crystal or silver bead which isn’t counted towards the 108 beads in a Mala. The Guru Bead is said to represent your teacher, your intentions and prayers. You can hold on to the Guru Bead to set your Intention before the practice and ‘seal’ your breath or meditation practice by holding onto it. Click here to read a full description of what they are. 


Have a look at the selection and you would like anything made specially for you please let me know!

Chakra Mala Range

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