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Happiness Self Care Box - everything you need to uplift your mood and energise you for the day ahead! 


 - Uplift 30ml Mat/Mask/Room Spray

 - Guided Uplifting Meditation Script

 - Energise 5ml Roller

 - Women’s Energy 3ml dropper x 1

 - Uplift 10ml roller x 1

 - ‘Happiness in a Jar’ Essential Bath Salts

 - Teas

 - 1 x 10ml Energise Spray bottle

- *** Eye Pillow is available on request***


Essentially You HAPPINESS Self Care Box

  • The Box should be returned in the same condition as it has been received. All the items - unopened and not damages.

    If you received damaged goods we are happy to send you a replacement.

    The postage back to us is paid by the customer unless we are responsible for the unsatisfactory condition of the boxes (i.e. oils spilled or bottles broken for example)

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