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We are inviting you to join us for our first long in person Yoga Practice since the start of the lockdown. I have run joint sessions since the end of the lockdown but this will be my first long session, outwidth our gym. It is very exciting and at the time a bit nerve racking - I have missed running workshops a lot!


The main focus of the session is on hip opener and spinal health (including twists).


The session will start with 1 hr 15mins of Slow Flow Yoga to warm up the body and we will finish off with lovely long mindful Yin stretches to allow your mind and body reflect, release, relax and let go of anything that is no longer serving you before transitioning into a new colder wintery season. 


The sequences are keep slow and steady to help get the wellness benefits from the poses, soothe a busy mind and regulate your energy levels. 


The session might be accompanied by the scents of essential oils if everyone is comfortable with that and if there are no allergies amongst the participants. 


This is an open level yoga practice suitable for everyone. 


Your Investment is £20 for a 2 Hour Yoga Practice 


*A small token of appreciation in the form of an affirmation card and a mini dropper to join me for my first post lockdown solo workshop is included into the price of the session*


I’d like to ask everyone to have your own mat and yoga props. 


Due to social distancing the numbers in a practice will be strictly limited to allow for safe distancing between the mats. 


The session is non refundable but you can always give your space to a friend in case you can’t commit to the practice.


If you have any COVID symptoms please refrain from attending the session.


I am awaiting on the confirmation on the 20th of December and once/if it is confirmed a Special Winter Solstice Celebration Yoga Practice will be added to the schedule of our events. 

FLOW & BREATH: Slow Flow Yoga Practice

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