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In the words of Lululemon ...We Made Too Much of This


Having had to repackage the last order of 20 boxes (long story), we now have a few spare sets of Sleep Kits

We are offering these to you at a discounted price and adding a free mini Canvas Drawstring Bag 

🌟10ml Deep Sleep Bottle (diffuser/applying on pulse points/feet)


🌟Deep Calm Inhaler with undiluted oils (to be used before going to sleep, meditation, breath work, and whenever you need to calm your hectic mind)


🌟10ml Women’s Energy Roller (pulse points)


🌟Canvas Drawstring Bag


+ a sample bag of Night Night Tea from Unravel Tea (Lemon Balm, Passionflower, Chamomile, Jasmine, Rose Petals, Valerian Root)


We only have limited amount of these available and are offering it at a special price of £15 for all 5 items with FREE Postage saving you £6 


*If you’d like to add anything else to the set please let me know*

Sleep Kit

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