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August, 24th (Saturday)

9:30am - 12:30pm 



Join us for a deeply restorative workshop that combines the gentle practice of Yin Yoga with the therapeutic benefits of props and Myofascial release techniques. 


In this workshop, you will experience the power of holding yoga poses for extended periods to target the deep connective tissues of the body, promoting flexibility and relaxation. By incorporating props such as blocks, bolsters, and straps, we will support your body in finding ease and comfort in each posture, allowing for a deeper release and surrender. 

Yoga straps will be used a lot throughout the session to guide you into the places of deeper release and relaxation. They are a wonderful addition to a Yin Practice!


Myofascial release techniques will be integrated to target specific areas of tension and tightness, promoting increased mobility and overall well-being. This workshop is designed to help you release physical and mental tension, restore balance, and leave you feeling rejuvenated and centered. 


No prior experience with Yin Yoga or Myofascial release is necessary – all levels are welcome to join this nurturing and therapeutic practice.

Please bring a mat, yoga strap,  yoga blocks and other props you think you might use for the practice. A blanket is also recommended. If you do not have any of these items please let me know and I will take extra ones to the session. If you would like to borrow some of the props (straps or/and blocks) please let us know in advance

Myofascial release balls will be provided for you, but if you have a set at home  - bring them with you


Main focus is on hip and upper body release and relaxation, although other area will also be included 

The session will conclude with a 15-20 minutes Soundbath, where the harmonious sounds and vibrations create a serene atmosphere conducive to deep relaxation and inner peace. Allow yourself to surrender to the soothing melodies and let go of any accumulated stress or worries; let your body and mind become quiet, still and open to reflecting on the practice and the new sensations it has acquired during the session.


*Teas & Snacks at the end*

*Small Group Session*

Your investment is £35 for a 3 hour practice


The session is strictly non refundable, but can be gifted to a friend. Refunds can only be issued if ALL the spaces are filled



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