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June, 21st - 23rd


We are inviting you to join us on an unconventional local mini break to celebrate Summer Solstice weekend with a small group of like minded people in a home from home surroundings! 


Before announcing our main Retreat for this year I wanted to trial something local, something budget friendly and fun to celebrate Solstice with a group of like minded people, i.e. to beta taste a bigger experience!


Switch off from your daily hassles and routines and enjoy these couple of days of rediscovering the joy of being free and connecting with your inner beautiful self through nature, sea and mindful movement!


Spending a couple of days outwidth your usual surroundings and connecting with nature and people with shared interests can be the best medicine for your soul!


The retreat is open to up to 8 people only - a nice small inclusive group


***BONUS***Rosemarkie Yoga, Swim & Sauna Solstice Celebrations and Sunday Storehouse Yoga & Breakfast Morning are INCLUSIVE into your stay!


The place is a luxury holiday home located in Tore, which is only 7 miles from Inverness. The property is set in a country location with scenic views, enclosed large rear garden, with ample private parking. 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, large sitting and dining area, infrared sauna and jacuzzi bath. Weather permitting we will be practicing outside overlooking beautiful scenery of the Highlands! 

The weekend activity include: 


  •  2 night stay in a beautiful place 


  •  Solstice Celebrations with Yoga, Swim, Sauna and a nourishing spread of cakes, bakes etc at Rosemarkie Beach (worth £30)


  •  Soundbaths and Guided Meditations


  •  Yoga & Pilates sessions outdoors or indoors  


  • Mini workshop on Essential Oils & Malas


  • Free time for walking, swim, infrared sauna or chilling 


  • Sunday Yoga & Breakfast at Storehouse (worth £30)


  • Vegetarian and vegan homemade food


  • Complimentary gift 


Schedule for the Weekend





  • 8pm - 8:30 Arriving to the Accommodation 


  • 8:30-9:30pm - settling in/washing/unpacking/light snacks


  • 9:30pm - 10pm - Yoga Nidra &/or Soundbath




  • 7:30am - 8am - tea/coffee and light snacks


  • 8:30am - 10am - Guided Meditation & Yoga Practice (outside or inside depending on the weather)


  • 10:30am - yummy nourishing breakfast 


FREE TIME TILL 2pm: walking, infrared sauna, chilling, beach and swim or mini hike. Alternatively Myofascial Release using therapy balls and other props or a mini Pilates session will be on offer 


  • 2:30pm - lunch 


  • 4-5pm - Face Yoga and Gua Sha Face Massage with Essential Oils 


  • A mini workshop on Essential Oils and Malas will be on offer before dinner + journaling


  • 7pm Dinner


  • 8-9pm - Restorative Yoga & Soundbath


***Swim at Rosemarkie can be also included into the day if the group is up for it**




  • 8-9am light breakfast and packing 



  • Wild swim at Loch Achilty or Rosemarkie after is optional 


Your investment starts from £225 for THE WHOLE experience as my special way of saying thank you to everyone on the waiting list (private double and king size beds are £30 extra) 


The cost of Storehouse Yoga and Rosemarkie Solstice Celebrations are £60 on their own! 


  • A payment of £225 can be made in full or split into 3 instalments of £75 to be cleared by the 10th (the first instalment being the deposit) of June or £75 deposit and £150 paid before the 10th of June

  • Those reserving a double or a kingsize bed - £255 - 3 instalments of £85 to be cleared by the 10th (the first instalment being the deposit) of June or £85 deposit and £170 paid before the 10th of June

  • If you are joining us with a friend - there's an option to book a full room with two beds (single + double or single + kingsize) to save you £30. Upfront payment or 3 instalments of £150 are required for this option to secure the room 


If you would like to pay in 3 instalments please message me to set up a standing order 


£75/£85 deposit is non refundable unless we fill your space. 


No refunds will be given after the 10th of June unless we fill your space


Looking forward to sharing this time with you!




  • Bedroom 1: Kingsize Bed + Single Bed

Kingsize bed - £255

Single Bed - £225

Book as a room and save £30 - £450 

  • Bedroom 2: Double Bed - £255

  • Bedroom 3: 3 Single Beds - £225 each

  • Bedroom 4: 1 Double + 1 Single Bed

Double Bed - 255

Single Bed - £225

Book as a room and save £30 - £450 

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