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Bliss in a Box is ourSignature Box! It has everything you need for your self care needs! It is full of goodies!


The box is a combination of our most popular blends. Use the Go Within Roller on your pulse points during your meditation or yoga practice while diffusing the Women's Energy Blend. Spray your mat with the Women's Energy Spray for a lovely relaxing and deep experience on the mat!


Enjoy a relaxing bath with Women's Energy Bath Salts. Moisture and nourish your face with our Balance Facial Oil and use our Deep Sleep Spray for happy dreams!


Thieves Oil is a must have for all the emergencies, viruses, colds and sore throats!

Essentially You BLISS IN A BOX

  • What’s in the box:

     -  Positive Affirmation Cards

     - Women’s Energy 10ml Roller

     - Go Within Meditation blend 5ml Roller

     - Women’s Energy 30ml Spray

     -  Deep Sleep 5ml Pillow Spray for Better Sleep 

     - Thieves Oil 3ml dropper x 1 to use in diffusers or pulse points

     - Uplift 3ml dropper x 1 to use in diffusers or pulse points

     - ’Women’s Energy’ Essential Bath Salts 

    -   ’Balance’ Facial Oil 

     - 1 x 5ml Breathe Easy Spray bottle 

    ***Face Mask, Eye Mask or Eye Pillow are available on request***


    *** saving you 6 if you were to purchase the items separately***